Daily Flow

7:45 Early Care Begins

8:45 Elementary Day Begins

9:15 Pre-K Day Begins

Warm Welcome

Each morning every student is greeted by name and welcomed with enthusiasm and an inspirational quote!

8:45 - 9:15 AM

Morning Inspiration Assembly

After unpacking, all students make their way to the industrial theater. Here, Principal Marianne leads a mindfulness practice and shares announcements. Every day a different student will share a personal story of awe, an Ah-Ha moment, a life lesson learned, a proud moment, a funny anecdote or a call for support. Students learn the art of debate by discussing current issues.

9:15 AM

Off to Work

Students move from one subject classroom to another throughout the day.  Each subject classroom is designed to celebrate the world of science, social studies, math or language arts.  Teachers bring the curriculum to life through hands on, inquiry-based lessons. Students are encouraged to enjoy a working snack of fruits or vegetables and lots of fresh water.

Individually Scheduled

Guided Reading

Students are met with individually everyday for reading. Trained reading specialists conference with the students, take running records and assess fluency and comprehension. During this period, students also participate in station games that promote the skills of literacy. Students with reading challenges participate in an individualized reading program that includes Wilson lessons and Orton Giillenham techniques.


Lunch & Recess

Students are given a 30 minute quiet lunch period and a 30 minute outdoor recess period. All lunches must be nut-free. We provide the option to buy lunch through healthy food vendors.
After recess the students gather with their classmates and teacher to express any concerns or challenges, resolve conflicts and notice positive interactions.


Daily Creative Immersions

Every day students participate in a 45 minute body, mind or soul class. Our students enter the play space where they explore yoga, dance, drama, music, art, foreign language, and physical fitness.  Times and programs vary depending on the day and grade.

On the Hour

Wellness Breaks

Every 60 minutes, teachers lead a physical activity that fosters focus, awakens spontaneity, and allows for a fun 10 minute break. Before moving into our Sparks for Social Change Program, students participate in exercises that boost social, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

2:45 - 3:45 PM

Student Enrichment

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday students participate in their respective Spark program. On Tuesdays all students attend Empathy Training with Principal Marianne. And on Thursdays students engage in clubs.

12:15  AM Pre-K Dissmissal

3:15    PM  Pre-K Dismissal

3:45    Elementary Dismissal

5:45    After Care Closes

Until Tomorrow

Students prepare to leave for the day.  They are responsible for tidying up their work and play spaces and gathering their belongings while informally sharing highlights of their day. They then come together  in the main hallway for pick up or bus transport. 

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